12 hottest honeymoon destinations around the world

Honeymoon period can be the most magical time for newly wedded couples and is often a great way to bond and make intimate memories with your significant other. Careful deliberation should be put in before deciding a honeymoon destination as a subpar place can make this amazing opportunity turn into one big disappointment. Luckily we have sorted out 12 of the most famous and beautiful destination spots that will make you fall in love with your partner all over again!

  1. Bora Bora:  Beaches and tropical areas are amazing destinations to spend time with your loved ones. Bora Bora has top quality water resorts, a stunning blue ocean to relax your nerves, and cozy huts built over the water to provide an innovative way of spending time with your loved one. 
  2. Santorini: If you’re a diehard fan of Greek cuisine and beautiful places then this is a must

    Santorini blue dome churches, Greece

    location to visit. The warm sunsets and a range of historic places to visit will ensure a wonderful time and money well spent.

  3. Maldives: Seclusion and romance brim in Maldives, another famous honeymoon location. The private bungalows really set the mood and the extravagance makes the entire experience amazing and worthwhile.
  4. Bali: If you and your significant other are looking for a spiritual awakening or just ways to connect with each other on a deeper level, then Bali is the place to go!  You can visit stunning beaches and Sumatran elephants to have a wonderful time there.
  5. Florence: This destination is for the wanderlust couple, Florence has a rich history of art, museums, mouthwatering cuisines, and wine nights that will make you fall in love even more.
  6. Venice: The city of canals, tasty cuisines and gondolas, Venice brags of class and grace that couples dream of.  It is also a favorite honeymoon location with newlyweds.
  7. Paris: the city of love is obviously a popular location as a honeymoon spot. The Eifel tower, fancy wine, and scrumptious food when enjoyed with your partner, will make the experience far more rewarding.
  8. Crete: Crete is the largest of the Greek isles and has a range of beaches with sublime sand and warm sunshine, plenty to melt anyone’s heart.
  9. Costa Rica: This location has a very diverse terrain and there are many opportunities to travel and explore new places with your partner. The Monteverde’s Cloud Rainforest and Arenal Volcano are two must places here that are mind boggling!
  10. Madrid: Spain is a great location for an urban honeymoon; delicious tapas, plenty of wine and top notch hotels, it’s every urban honeymooner’s dream!
  11. Kauai:  This Hawaiian island offers something unique for every couple, you can relax or visit historical places such as explore the Waimea Canyon or kayak down the Wailua River.
  12. British Virgin Islands: The British Virgin Islands are somewhat expensive, however, their class and extravagance are what makes for their appeal. Relax and surf the beach with your loved one or simply stroll across the pearly white beach!

The honeymoon is a special occasion in a couple’s life, make the most of it by choosing a honeymoon destination that makes your entire trip worthwhile and lets you have the best time of your life, with your partner by your side!

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