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10 Facts you probably didn’t know about Diamonds
The first diamonds were found over 3000 years ago in India and since then the interest for them has yet
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Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Diamond Jewelry
Are you in the market to purchase diamond jewelry? If this accurately describes your situation then take your time to
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Colored Diamonds Explained – Getting Off The Chart
Commonly used is the D-Z color scale to grade diamonds for their color.  The scale uses letters starting from D
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12 hottest honeymoon destinations around the world
Honeymoon period can be the most magical time for newly wedded couples and is often a great way to bond
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Journey of the diamond
The diamond is a unique and precious stone, with quite an intriguing story behind its journey from the mines from
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Diamond Rings
Engagement ring The elegant diamond ring has quite a romantic tradition behind it, a symbol of true, gentle love. Even the
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