Colored Diamonds Explained – Getting Off The Chart

Commonly used is the D-Z color scale to grade diamonds for their color.  The scale uses letters starting from D (the purest colorless color) and as you go down the scale the diamond grows with a yellow tint. Common diamonds use this scale, but about 1 in every 10,000 diamonds go beyond and are categorized completely different. 

colored diamonds

Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond

Unlike a typical diamond, colored diamonds go through their crystallization process and foreign particulates are trapped which alter their color. For example, boron causes blue diamonds which are exceptionally rare, comprising only around 0.0001% of the world's diamonds. Studies show that blue is the most unseen color in nature and with a combination of such a valuable stone, creates the most desirable gem.  In September 2016, a 14.62 carat Fancy Vivid stone broke the record for the largest and best quality blue diamond ever to appear at auction selling for $57.7 million (US). Although much larger, at 24.78 carats, the “Graff” pink diamond takes second and was sold for $46 million (US).

There are many different colors of diamonds; red and blue being the rarest, yellow being the
most popular, pink diamonds which cost 5 to 100 times more than colorless diamonds, hydrogen will produce the violet and purple diamonds, brown diamonds that have an internal structure far more compressed than average white diamonds, green, grey and black. Although completely different, colored and colorless diamonds are often found in the same mine. While
white diamonds have 17 diamond colors, colored diamonds literally have hundreds of color combinations. The color intensities are faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy deep, fancy dark, fancy intense and fancy vivid. However, most colored diamonds do not just fall in one color category but is often comprised by two or even three colors (Ex. Fancy Gray Blue Diamond, Fancy Yellow Brown Diamond) making it even more complex.

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