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The elegant diamond ring has quite a romantic tradition behind it, a symbol of true, gentle love. Even the most effortless designed rings have an engraved rich symbolism. From love, devotion to fidelity, engagement ring is a way of showing your better half how you truly feel about them. With its glimmering hues and pure simplicity, diamond rings hold a special place for engagements, sealing the bond that you will value for the rest of your life.

The elegant design:

The very shape and design of the ring has a meaning for engagements, and should be chosen with care and by giving ample thought to the ring. The exceptional design of the ring mirrors the relationship of two souls; with the first recorded diamond engagement ring conducted in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian presented this uniqueengagement ring token of his love to his beloved Mary of Burgundy. Prior to this event, that would change the course of engagements as we know it, diamonds were one of the less used gems.

In earlier times, engagement rings had a bigger significance than just the engagement. They were a glimpse into the woman’s committed status, social standing and the affection of the groom. Classier designs were far more common among the nobility, and hence the tradition began of carving diamond rings into spectacular designs, while the exclusive diamond cut design, still won hearts of many women around the globe.

Diamond ring and the left ring finger:

It was established that ancient Romans began the initial practice of placing the engagement ring on the left ring finger. This stemmed from their belief that “vena amoris” or the vein of love passed through this finger and made a direct connection to the heart. This tradition and belief still persist today with both the engagement ring and wedding band being placed on the left ring finger. This brings the finger close to the heart and the significant other, even closer.

The circle:

The circle has often been perceived to have a sacred and special symbolism in ancient geometry. With no beginning and no end, these represent eternity, rebirth, completeness, and utter perfection. They have also been rumored to be symbolic of the planets, the sun, and the moon, which unites the life of people just as the unique engagement ring pulls two people towards each other.

The classic diamond solitaire:

The dazzling diamond solitaire engagement ring is an iconic mark of commitment. Stunning in its simplicity and often alluring in beauty, a solitaire is a popular choice for engagement ring all over the globe. A lone diamond is the star of the show, drawing attention and intrigue. Here people prefer to change the size according to their needs, the bigger the diamond the greater the power. You can also get the diamond structured in a number of unique ways, to preserve a moment that is truly yours.

Diamond engagement ring is a special commitment between two loved ones binding their hearts together as one for an eternity. Its design, shape and size, all work in perfect union to produce a special ring tailored just for you.

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