Journey of the diamond

The diamond is a unique and precious stone, with quite an intriguing story behind its journey from the mines from which it is excavated, the jeweler who crafts it into a masterpiece and the consumer who adorns it with love and care. The diamond is indeed a precious gem with a long and complex history.

Diamonds take birth deep inside the earth, under extreme conditions of high temperature and severe pressure. In fact, it is the pressure that converts a simple carbon molecule into this precious commodity. From the earth, these are then mined and sorted out, with different categories of size and color being separated. They are polished, cut and transported to different labs where they are tested for optimum grading and only then are they sold to jewelry shops around the globe.

The in-depth voyage of the diamond is indeed intricate and complex and is vital to any diamond consumer who wants to invest in only the most premium quality stones out there. A truly born diamond is constructed under an elevated temperature of 1700-2400 degrees Fahrenheit while the pressure remains 650,000 to 870,000 pounds per square inch. These are no ordinary digits and are one of the profound benefits of Mother Nature, where all of this process takes place deep inside the surface of the earth.

Octahedron diamonds are often very slow growing and are naturally smooth. The clearest diamonds are called glasses, and incorporate roughly 1% of the entire diamonds found on earth. These are the purest and the best quality stones that only a very lucky few ones can embellish their lives with.

The mining process of diamonds is hard and laborious. Countries more involved in diamond mining are India, Brazil, Congo, South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. Some reserves are also found in Canada and Australia. 50 percent of these diamonds are mined from the ground while nearly 48% is found as alluvial matter in rivers and oceans. The average size most miners claim to find is nearly 0.10 cts, however, in the last decade; Botswana has mined virtually 24 million carats worth of diamonds alone.

While these stones are still precious, they need to be polished in order to be considered jewelry-grade. DeBeers sorts almost 45% of the entire world’s diamonds and the rest is sorted in Mumbai, South Africa, and Antwerp. This process

close-up of man cutting diamond facets on spinning wheel, jeweler, diamond cutter

Spinning wheel

takes a total of 6 weeks and is done 10 times annually.

Diamonds will then be sold; however, only 20% fall in the gem quality and are 99% pure carbon. These have good coloring and clarity and are used for jewelry and ornaments. These diamonds are then cut and transported off to labs to get graded. Some famous diamonds were cut for several years before they were graded! Diamond collectors and jewelers use these to craft beautiful designs which eventually reach the consumer, which is you!

Out of all these unique stones, almost 85% are used by couples for engagement rings and 2/3 of all these diamonds are owned by women. A diamond is a unique gift with an even more intriguing journey up its sleeve, so are you interested in this great work of art yet?

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